Kind Kitchen by Green Common
Shop No: L1-1-2
Kind Kitchen by Green Common offers a full-service dining experience with a private VIP room. The menu features multi-national fusion cuisines incorporating plant-based ingredients invented by leading food tech companies like Beyond Meat. The highlight is Omnipork, the groundbreaking all-purpose pork introduced by Right Treat with years of research and incubation. The entire menu is vegan with the humble ambition that both vegetarians and non-vegetarians could enjoy a wondrous meal under the same roof.

Designed by local award-winning talent EDITECTURE, Kind Kitchen adopts an elegant and restful colour theme and has more than 100 dine-in seats. Walls are decorated with meaningful quotes related to kindness and mindful eating, such as “Be Kind to Every Kind”. These quotes depict Kind Kitchen’s ethos as a vegan restaurant to offer menus which harm no animal, and looking for a vegan treat could be much easier than you have imagined.

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun: 11:30 - 21:30

Phone: 2110 0055
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